We offer volunteers with placement programs like

1. Working in a day care center or Orphanage homes

NVG program is focused on addressing the needs of the street children forced from their homes through poverty, neglect or abuse. This project presents the opportunity to help Street Children and those who have lost their parents in the northern part of Ghana where these children are subjected to all forms of abuses and vulnerability.
You will be working at an orphanage or a day care centre for children in Ghana. The children live in the orphanage until they are adopted or placed with family members that can take better care of them. As a volunteer working on our Orphanage Program, you will be filling an important role in the lives of these needy children, as well as assisting the hardworking staff at the orphanage. You can help with all manner of tasks at the centre. Help is needed in everything from cooking and serving food to the children, to assisting with their basic education with sports and English lessons. We are currently working with 2 orphanage homes as well as 5 day care centers.

2. Teaching English Language or any subject relevant to the development and growth of children. We have quite number of primary and kindergartens schools for volunteers to teach. We do not need any requirement but volunteers must You will need to be flexible, and have patience, compassion and enthusiasm to face the many hurdles and challenges that you will inevitably encounter within your role. To ensure that you get the most out of and contribute fully to your placement, a pro-active attitude is essential. Volunteers at this orphanage must have, above all, a love of children and a commitment to the project.

3. Volunteers in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) training. Computer courses for the youth and also to the people so that they can also fit to the GLOBAL VILLAGE that ICT has brought about

4. Volunteers in developmental projects like sanitation, water sector, health, farming

5. Volunteer in HIV/AIDS campaign programs in rural areas in the north of Ghana