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Northern Volunteers Group (NVG) was founded in the Northern Region, Tamale by Jallal Muhsin to work with children, women and the communities to improve the quality of life through Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development, Vocational training, and HIV/AIDS campaign education in some of the poorest part of the country by involving both volunteers within the country as well as international volunteers. The organization founded in 2001, works in 10 communities, helps to reduce illiteracy among children and women through the implementation and establishment of educational centers like computer schools, Kindergartens and vocational training centers .We also assist men in educational programs as well. The organization is non partisan, non tribal, non religious and is duly registered with registration number G.22, 088.We also seek to involve the youth in volunteering work in developmental projects that aim at promoting culture in international boundaries, youth training programs which might come as an exchange programs with partner schools that we are trying to partner with as well as cultural events projects. We also try to involve organizations that can really make us institute their country culture and their way of life to the youth in Ghana. We are accountable and well established organization and we submit our annual reports to registrar General, Ghana.

NVG also work with youth homes where different local products like kente weaving, sandals making, bead making, necklaces, batik tie and dye making an other vocational programs are been offered to broaden their knowledge that would lead to employment at the end of their training. We believe that international organizations and schools would be interested to work with us and also to share the ideas they have acquired through education and life experience.



Computer educational training project for the people of the northern Ghana,Tamale from 2009-2010

Farming training project for the youth in Northern Ghana, from 2007-2008

vocational training project for women in Northern Ghana, from 2005-2007



To provide equality among women, children and to provide safe learning space coupled with different opportunities for them to further develop their skills, knowledge and competences.



Accessing the vulnerability of women and children, increasing their say and participation in developing and maintaining possibilities for the betterment of their communities.




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Facts about Ghana Geography Location Western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo Latitude: 5 degrees, 36 minutes north Longitude: 0 degrees, 10 minutes east Have 10 regions-Greater Accra, Central Region, Western Region, Eastern Region, Ashanti...


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Facts about Northern Region, Tamale Tamale TAMALE Population: 350,000 State: Northern Region. The region covers 31% of Ghana but is home to only 2 million people Tertiary Institutions: Tamale Polytechnic, ...


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